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Instant Nourishment
BetterBerri brings the fruit farm to you as it instantly transforms your favorite food or drink into a nutritious indulgence. Add a pouchful to your next treat and understand why the “king of berries” has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. Plus, with no added sugar or fillers BetterBerri products are a healthy way to load up on naturally occurring bioactives and good nutrition, which isn't always easy to find living on the go.  

Each pouch contains the natural skins, seeds, nectar and pulp from 50 whole black raspberries. Black raspberries contain antioxidant flavanoids called anthocyanins and are known for their naturally powerful anti-inflammatory compounds.​

Source and Processing
Our black raspberries are hand-picked for quality and carefully processed using a specialty freeze-drying process for the highest level of nutrient retention. University researchers use this same process because it retains the natural nutritional integrity of the berry. The whole berry (skin, nectar, pulp and seeds) is then finely powdered to perfection for mixing in your food or drink of choice. BetterBerri uses 100% pure black raspberry powder from Stokes Berry Farm.

Packing and Handling
BetterBerri pouches go where you go. Special airtight packaging protects BetterBerri pouches from antioxidant damaging oxygen and UV light and our custom freeze-drying process means that BetterBerri doesn’t need refrigeration. Try one, and then come back for more!

All orders are made fresh and shipping is free. Orders process Friday and ship every Monday.  Price includes all applicable taxes. 



So what makes BetterBerri better?
We understand that nutritional information can be confusing so we’ll keep it simple by sticking to the facts.

The mission of BetterBerri is to provide healthy wholesome nutrition from good growing conditions and a careful process for everyone to enjoy. We partner with a single farms that grow unique berry varieties for university research.

  • Wholesome Nutrition: Removing parts of the berry can reduce its nutritional power. For example, the juice in a berry works to extract bioactives from its seed, allowing it to flourish and mature. Removing the seed can disrupt this delicate organic process. We believe the wholesome and natural synergy of foods provide an optimal dose of health benefits, and its why we leave the organic makeup of the black raspberries - or any berry we use - intact.


  • Growing Conditions: Berries grown in the USA must follow a strict set of standards while growing conditions in other countries are regulated differently. Growing conditions matter, which is why we practice origin and grower labeling. We only source berries that grow in the mineral-rich soils of select single farm partners that receive a full-season growing cycle. For example, Ohio is one of only four states in which over 50 percent of land is classified by the USDA as the best conditions for growing food. We only use berries grown in conditions such as this, and other conditions in USDA Hardiness Zones 5 through 7 which are suitable to producing the right berry. The climate in these zones receives an ideal amount of rainfall, and creates the best possible conditions for growing berries that are unique.


  • Our Process: It takes two years of careful care before a raspberry plant produces fruit. Altogether the plant goes through eight full growing seasons of summer, fall, winter and spring before reaching maturity. Picking berries at the right time can impact nutritional integrity. For example, picking berries too soon can result in less antioxidants and poor color quality while picking too late can affect its flavor. Our farm partners pick the berries we use at just the right time for the best possible nutritional profile and full flavor. During harvest we ensure that berries move into frozen storage within thirty minutes of being picked and are not left to rot in the hot sun.