Black Raspberry Farms

The Farms

Wellberri first partnered with Dale Stokes of Stokes Berry Farm in 2012 to grow a berry set-apart from the rest. As Wellberri grew, it expanded its operations to partner with more farms. These partner farms share Wellberri's values of using only a natural, whole food process, to develop the best foods for university researchers to study, and families everywhere to enjoy.  

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The Dale Stokes Story

Ever since the Stokes family planted their first berry crop in 1962, their farm in Wilmington, Ohio, has been a popular destination for generations of families across the mid-west.

The farm offers a pick-your-own (or u-pick) berries experience as well as freshly picked berries.

The Stokes family has continued to graciously open its doors to the community, and the thousands of families that drive long and far for the annual berry harvest that typically kicks off early June.

Largely unrecognized is Dale Stoke's relationship to several laboratories and clinical studies linking the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory healing remedies found in black raspberries to cancer patients' treatments.

The farm is unique, Dale says, because of its longevity and the berry breeding work he does on-site by hand.

Family fruit farms like Stokes Berry Farm are not only a tradition, but an inspiration to many including Wellberri.

Stokes's story is extraordinary because of Dale's passion and dedication to growing something different that will make a difference.